Thiemo Gillissen

— Thiemo is an entrepreneur, digital leader and curious mind living in Austria. He co-founded the platform and annual festival Fifteen Seconds, was named Forbes' 30 Under 30 and is a partner at international consulting and design firm moodley.

Full bio:

His career started at the age of 15, where he teamed up with a great friend and designer to begin working for clients crafting identities and interfaces. What started as a side project and a result of teaching himself graphic design and web development, rapidly evolved into a studio serving both local and international clients with strategy, design and code. Having dropped out of high school, he then decided to join a digital agency as a full-time employee to shift his professional focus towards digital products and services. During that time, he had the privilege to help shape and grow the company and thereby acquired crucial entrepreneurial skills as well as marketing and sales experience while designing and developing projects alongside a team of world-class engineers. Thiemo then moved on to help scale a travel and leisure product for millennials from a few hundred to many thousand customers and further shifted his focus towards marketing management.

In May 2012, he co-founded Fifteen Seconds, the company that since then emerged into a global community gathering thinkers, makers and innovators at Europe’s leading festival to network, learn and get inspired. The annual conference attracts more than 5.000 attendees and hosts some of the world’s most successful individuals for a week in Austria, including leaders from brands like Google, The New York Times, Starbucks, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Red Bull, GE, Microsoft and Apple, to name a few.

In November 2017, Fifteen Seconds joined forces with moodley, an international award-winning strategy consulting and design firm, to form a united company where Thiemo joined as partner and leads the interactive team. Driven by innovation, brands and people, moodley is home to more than 80 specialists with a wide range of expertise in designing growth and transforming business. Founded 1999 in Austria, the multidisciplinary teams are spread across five offices in Austria, Germany and the USA.

For his entrepreneurial work, he was named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in 2017. Thiemo regularly lectures and speaks about the digital world at events and the University of Applied Sciences in Graz. Thiemo is unavailable for hire or freelance work. For speaking requests, interviews or press inquiries, please get in touch.